Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Midnight Ponder, ft. Kitten.

I'm sitting with the kitten in the first few minutes of the last day of the year and we're reminiscing about 2013.

My highlights include: Dubrovnik, Glastonbury and bringing Cosmo home.

His highlights include: chasing his tail in the shower, sitting in the sink and hunting a daddy-long-legs in the porch.

Here's the naughty little critter's version of events:

He does like music...


So being an adult is difficult, isn't it? Why didn't they teach you that at school instead of trigonometry? We could have done with a warning and a few lessons in how to deal with hardship graciously. Nonetheless, F.Scott Fitzgerald posits an interesting conundrum of a metaphor:

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

How can you move forward when you're still stuck in ideas, events, tragedy of the past? 

I hope 2014 brings you all health, contentment and adventure, in whichever form you deem fit for you right now.

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  1. I adore the top photo, your cat definitely looks happy about blogging!

    I hope your 2014 is fantastic and you get to grips with being an adult, I know I'm a few years off understand the adult world! I don't think I ever will in fact...


  2. This has to be my favorite post of the day. Both my cats love to jump on my lap and "help" me with my ebaying at times, especially tricky when the larger of the two sits there, she's a bit tricky to work around!

  3. Happy New Year, Bee! I remember that they did try to teach us budgeting and how to balance a cheque book at school, but some lessons on cooking on a shoestring might have helped!