Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kitten-Human Time

Cosmo and I spent some quality kitten-human time over the weekend. We played, we painted, he practised his hunting, we wrapped up presents, did some scrap-booking, listened to some London Grammar. You know, all the usual stuff. I can certainly tell he is growing up into a fine, young cat. He's more obedient, doesn't try and trip me up on the stairs too often and lounges about like he owns the place. This is his first Christmas and contrary to popular forecasts, he has not torn apart ANY presents under the tree, nor has he knocked over or tried to eat the tree itself. Hooray!

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas xxxx

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  1. Aww what a cutie kitty you have! One of our cats loves to eat the Christmas tree, which is a fake on and makes her sick. She never learns!

  2. Your cat is so cute! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

    Love Emma xx


  3. how cosy and christmassy! so cute you two got to spend some quality time together hehe. i love watching films in bed, with a beagle. hope you had a lush christmas, goooo you, cooking for 8! X

  4. Simply adorable!

  5. I'm not a cat-person, but Cosmo is very cute :) I'm surprised that he hasn't explored the tree though--perhaps it's a bit daunting this year?