Monday, December 23, 2013

Surprise Party

For M's birthday this year, his friends held him a surprise party.

Sometimes in life you reach points where your world pretty much stops for you. You spend all your time consumed by one thing, you don't quite understand how everyone goes about doing their usual day-to-day things, still laughing, still smiling, still obsessed with the trivial, when you feel like your world is falling apart and struggle to remember how you used to also be like that. M is pretty good at coping with less than favourable situations, but nonetheless a hard time is a hard time, right?

So, in an overwhelming act of kindness, it was wonderful to see all the people who care about him most come together to show him how much he is appreciated. A room in the local pub was hired out, a buffet ordered, a cake baked (and decorated like a child, I know...sorry), banners and balloons displayed and a good 30 people or so waiting to jump out and shout "SURPRISE!" when M came in, thinking he was just having a drink with a couple of friends. Wonderful. What was extra special was that M had noooooo idea at all. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

How do you feel about surprises? Have you ever been thrown one?

PS. My cake had raving reviews despite the child-like decorations (those worms do taste pretty good though) so if you are interested in the recipe, you can find it here.

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  1. Aw, how nice for him! I hope he had a great time. I've never been thrown a surprise Although it might be because I'm such a huge organiser and I like to know exactly what I'm doing at all times, minute by minute ;)

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. I do enjoy reading your posts, i totally understand where you are coming from. I love being part of a surprise, but not the type to enjoy being at the end of one (that sounds ungrateful doesn't it?) Lol my sister surprised my mum boxing day by coming down from Essex, it was fun knowing!x

  3. Oh, how lovely for M! A room full of love (and cake!) is wonderful xx