Thursday, December 12, 2013

Learning from your subconscious

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You know those mornings you wake up in a right old mood, still angry and upset from the dream you've just abandoned?

I keep getting them and for a while have been trying to justify to myself that I am indeed entitled to feel however I like about them - whether that's angry, sad, upset, bitter, annoyed - even though they were just the product of my subconscious's imagination. I'll think about people I know in a certain way, I'll be annoyed with my boyfriend for the evil deed he committed, I'll feel sad at the tragedy that struck and fluttery from the adventures that I probably wish were real. I'll be on a high from feeling of flight, the planet I danced around via log-flume and racing car, the love that was shown, the concepts that make complete sense in my head only. I know they haven't happened. I know they're partly made-up, partly a worry, a hope, an observation from your current living state.

I don't believe in suppressing these feelings. They may stem from things which are intangible when I am awake but to smother their existence is to deny a part of you which is ultimately the most powerful - your mind.

The quotation above assures me that actually it's fine to accept the emotion you've been dealt by whatever trigger, whether that's a dream, a story, an event. In any case, bottling something up is bound to leak eventually when you feel vulnerable and weak. Revel in your feelings. Not for a long time though. Don't let them consume you. Pick yourself up, learn from what they've taught you about what is important and move forward. But, don't ignore them. Your subconscious can play tricks on you, but sometimes it is trying to tell you something important that the "real" world won't.

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  1. I love this post! I agree that you should truly experience your feelings properly - I unintentionally bottle mine sometimes and when they rise to the surface it's not often a pretty sight! I think people so often feel shame in their emotions when they shouldn't!

  2. I love that quote. Sometimes I think it's hard for us to admit how we feel but if we do admit it we can help ourselves and help it go away if it's a bad feeling, or share it with others if it's a happy feeling.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. never heard this quote before but it's such a nice thought! Found your blog via the #lbloggers chat and I'm glad i did; I love this type of post! Really interesting how our subconscious can have such an effect, it's fascinating really.
    Followed you on bloglovin!
    lily x