Thursday, January 02, 2014

Taking Stock #4

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Taking Stock (found here) is a series I decided to start a few months ago after recognising its reflective uses. I've been delighted to see some of you lovely readers also following suit. I'd encourage anybody seeking an exercise for the mind and soul to join in too. Let me know if you do take part as I would love to see your posts too.  


Making: Christmas tree decorations a few weeks ago for friends and family
Cooking: a Christmas dinner for eight but probably nothing else
Drinking: oodles of tea, more berry squash
Reading: law books mostly as I had exams in mid-December and haven't had too much time for fiction
Wanting: a fresh start
Looking: for a way to regulate my sleeping and therefore general routine
Playing: Scrabble (on a board), QuizUp (on the iPad) and with the kitten (always)
Wasting: energy on things which from now on I shall not
Fixing: nothing on a scale worth mentioning
Deciding: to stand up for myself 
Wishing: so many things weren't out of my control
Enjoying: hearing the rain outside and knowing I can stay indoors!
Waiting: for something good
Liking: my No More Page 3 t-shirt I got for Christmas hanging in my room waiting to be worn in as many locations possible
Wondering: how you break out of cycles
Loving: London Grammar
Pondering: with the kitten occasionally 
Considering: travelling plans for the summer
Watching: Monsters University and loving it haha
Hoping: to take more photographs from now on
Marvelling: at our youth
Needing: change
Smelling: gingerbread biscuits baking, Christmas dinner, delicious toffee cake made by my sisters
Wearing: my penguin onesie in every possible instance
Following: more people on Twitter...
Noticing: the importance of being independent
Knowing: enough, I hope, just in the nick of time for exams
Thinking: over and above what is necessarily helpful
Feeling: slightly lost
Admiring: and appreciating the generosity of others
Buying: presents and a couple of things in the sale
Getting: scared!
Bookmarking: inspiration
Opening: up in little doses
Giggling: quite a bit when hosting friends from America over Christmas

You can find the rest of my Taking Stock series here.

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  1. Beeta! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog :) you're a sweetie! I'm so glad I found yours through it -- I love making lists too :)