Saturday, March 08, 2014

52 Lists // Ten

We all know what it is which we need to do in order to live more peacefully with ourselves, or to quieten the destructive thoughts of the mind. It is easy to make a list like this because we all recognise what we are lacking and are critical of our endeavours. Putting the above into practice is a challenge when we are accustomed to the norm. But putting such attempts at the forefront of your mind is probably a good place to start.


This is list #10 in the 52 Lists project, run by Ema over at Made in Hunters
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  1. I could do on working on that myself - I make myself so stressed, and then get stressed about not feeling stressed. I think we call could do with getting away from phones and technology at little more!

  2. number 5, i completely agree. and to quote that illamasqua collection: I'mPerfection!! <3

  3. Anonymous4:37 pm

    I love this list and this entire idea. I need to work on loving myself more :), so maybe I'll make a list. I do love lists!

    I think the phone one is a good one. I'm always on it and I never seem to get everything I want accomplished in the day. Plus, it strains my eyes to look at all my screens during the day.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to reading more :) -Ashley

  4. Numbers 2 and 3 ring true for me, as well. I also love that your list is handwritten- that's on MY list! Make more handwritten notes!