Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The dilemma of emotion

We condition ourselves to fear any emotion which does not give us joy. We try to reject sadness and hurt like they are poison to our existence. We can't bear to feel anything other than default neutrality or lucky happiness. When given a situation that churns up our insides we seek to fix that turmoil, extinguish the rage, and replace it as soon as possible. We are scared to feel how we truly feel in those dark moments and attempt suppression of natural human emotions. We don't want to feel sad, we don't want to feel guilt, we don't want to feel upset, we don't want to be hurt. Yet despite all this non-wanting, something inside us needs to engage in those feelings or else where do they come from? Something erupts from our hearts out of necessity, and has to flow through our veins to tantalise the body, make us feel numb or upset or angry. The same thing which brings joy or elation and our ability to latch onto those positive threads, applies to riding out the unhappy. But the fear? Why do we have a fear of it? We try to combat the very feelings which add to our being, which balance our soul and smooth our edges, give us the gift of perspective and adapt our attitude and resolve.

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  1. Sometimes it's OK to have a good cry. Hell sometimes it's necessesary. Being sad isn't always a dreadful thing, it can sometimes help us through situations and without feeling sad we would never know what happiness felt like. X

  2. It's always very lovely to see your pictures again!x

  3. I think a good cry can work wonders. Also, sometimes it feels we live under the tyranny of happiness - but more and more, it seems to me it would be better to feel life in all its hues and reap the happiness when it comes. How can we feel joy without knowing sorrow? It makes the good stuff feel even sweeter when it comes! Loving your blog lately Beeta :) xo