Sunday, March 16, 2014

Baking with Beeta // No bake edition // Rocky Road

This recipe is one of my favourite types - it involves minimal possibility of burning anything. Oh and it tastes pretty incredible and is the perfect thing to take to a friend's when you pop over for food, especially when last time you took them over-baked fairy cakes. (That's obviously a story about somebody else...uh hurrr hurr hurr) 

So today, followers, I give to you Rocky Roads ft. zero fruit and loads of sweets. Sure, they aren't the most handsome of desserts out there, but trust me on this one - they taste ridiculously good. And go pretty well with vanilla ice-cream too. Or a cup of tea. Or both if you fancy a mixed temperature experience.

To make a box of these, you will need:

- 300g dark chocolate (Bourneville is yummiest), broken up into squares
- 100g butter, roughly chopped
- 3 tbsp golden syrup
- 140g rich tea biscuits, roughly crushed
- any many marshmallows as you fancy
- a couple of chocolate bars e.g. Twix, Mars, Turkish Delight, Malteasers variations


1. Line a cake-tin/tray with greaseproof paper or foil to avoid too much mess.
2. Melt butter, golden syrup and chocolate together in a pan, on a low heat. Stir lots of avoid the chocolate going crazy.
3. Once smooth, leave the mixture to cool for 10 minutes.
4. Stir the biscuits and sweets into the pan until well mixed.
5. Pour into the tin and spread the mixture to roughly level it.
6. Chill until hard, then cut into pieces.

Original recipe found here.

I'm pretty sure you could put whatever you wanted to in yours. Let me know if you come up with any exciting variations.


This post ties in quite nicely with this fortnight's #2014BloggerChallenge which was the topic of Food, so consider this Challenge Number Six.

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  1. baking with beeta is the cutest series, I just imagine a little child beeta baking away. haha.
    OMG rocky roads is the best and you know this!! yours look so good and it does seem fairly easy to make :-S (really?!) xxx

  2. I've had a big roast dinner today, and an apple crumble with custard, and I am SO full, but this is still making my mouth water, looks SO delicious! xx Hayley-Eszti

  3. Lady, you know me so well - I'm all about putting in minimal effort with the hope of maximum result (tee hee!) and anything 'no-baking-required' definitely floats this particular type of boat!

  4. Ah Rocky Road - always a winner!