Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Taking Stock #6

So this is my cat caught mid-yawn. Don't tell me I don't capture my subjects' most flattering angles! 

T A K I N G // S T O C K

Making: my folders colourful with sticky tabs
Cooking: halloumi (does that count as cooking??)
Drinking: a gazillion cups of tea a day
Reading: textbooks
Wanting: exams to be DONE
Looking: exhausted
Playing: with mr meowers
Deciding: to make plans
Wishing: I had more energy
Enjoying: the trees, flowers and sky on a nice day on campus
Waiting: for celebrations
Liking: how quiet the early early train is
Wondering: who what when where how
Loving: listening to old albums
Pondering: law stuff
Considering: summer plans
Watching: silly things like Dragons' Den and Tangled, but also Tough Young Teachers
Hoping: my exams have gone better than they feel like they have

Marvelling: 6.30am skies
Needing: a break and some love
Smelling: the incredible creation that is Original Source chocolate and mint shower gel
Wearing: revision clothes
Following: The Philosopher's Mail
Noticing: little flowers
Knowing: more, but not enough
Thinking: all the time
Feeling: drained
Admiring: M
Sorting: out folders, books, piles of paper 
Buying: train tickets, dinner
Getting: excited for plans that don't involve textbooks!
Bookmarking: articles I need to read, DIYs I need to attempt, HTML instructions, photography blogs
Disliking: not earning
Opening: a new pack of highlighters. So smooth
Giggling: at Percy the penguin
Feeling: like I can't be honest about how I'm feeling
Snacking: on the hour
Coveting: a pair of trainers which will go with anything for normal everyday use (any ideas?)
Helping: barely.
Hearing: silence.


You can find previous editions here. And originally found here. Are you taking part?

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  1. What a fabulous photograph! Hope that your exams are over soon and that you can get some decent sleep to recover xx

  2. Yes definitely, always snacking haha. Always reading textbooks too :( This is a really cool, different kind of post (in the best way possible!). :)

  3. That kitty photograph is awesome - what a lucky shot!

  4. Always be honest.


  5. That photo!! Awesome :o)
    Hope you find love and a good break in wonderful Paris!
    M x

  6. end of exams present to yourself... pair of new balance trainers. you would get so much wear... :-)