Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Colour Stimulus // Blue

Stage One:

Stage Two:
10-step word association with "blue":
1. bluest light
2. Bloc Party
3. Reading Festival
4. youth
5. parks
6. ice-cream
7. beach
8. waves
9. Geography lessons
10. projects

Stage Three:
My favourite blue thing:
The deep blue that the sky sometimes turns at night or first thing in the morning, when it's almost black but it's just like the sky decided it wanted to be royal for an evening, or it wanted to complement the stars a little more.

All photos found via Pinterest.

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  1. Such a fantastic post, love the mood-boards (the artwork you featured is gorgeous, such a fabulous illustration), and your words about the night sky? WOW. I'm sure I've said this before but you, my lady friend, are an absolute word-smith. Perfection.

  2. Blue is one of my favourite colours (probably comes from having a navy school uniform). Some lovely photos in here!

    Jen |