Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge // Two

Other than that time I did a somewhat tongue-in-cheek review of some Lush products, I don't think the topic of "skincare" has ever had reason to crop up on my little piece of the web. I mean, if I wasn't so obsessed with getting out my deepest (hmm) thoughts and wise words/ramblings of a maniac, perhaps I would have let you know on more often a basis that I have eczema and up until the age of 22 I probably got a spot about once a year but since hitting 23, they've all arrived and are here to stay. Or maybe I wouldn't. No, probably not.

However, I signed up to the #2014bloggerchallenge and this week's topic is "Skincare".

I thought long and hard about posting a skincare routine (ONLY JOKING) and then almost wrote a post about scabs, spots and grazes, but luckily for you I came across this infographic just in the nick of time. I like it because it's sciencey and full of fun facts. And technically it is "skincare" because it basically tells you that your skin is really cool and that should make you want to care for it, right?

I have been thinking of featuring more sciencey posts, maybe even a Science Saturday series (don't you find that alliteration ever so satisfying?) so let me know what you think. I am by no means an expert but I am fascinated and truly impressed by it all. I studied Biology and Chemistry in sixth form and have forever loved the solar system and beyond. When I was little my room was decorated with a space theme, with starry wallpaper, glow in the dark solar systems and stars, a spacecraft and astronaut duvet set and encyclopaedias dotted around for maximum galactic absorption.

Anyway, I digress. Enjoy the biology lesson :)

50 Incredible Facts About Skin
Found here
This post is part of the 2014 Blogger Challenge, hosted here. I aim to post in response to each topic released every fortnight.. I hope you enjoy it. If you're also taking part, please let me know as I would love to see your take on each challenge. You can see my first post here
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  1. I do love a good infographic and I especially love science ones. I was a scientist once upon a time, so I'd be totally cool with Science Saturdays!

  2. Such an interesting post! Definitely would love to read a Science Saturday feature on your blog - something different to all the thankful thursday type posts other bloggers usually do!
    N xo

  3. Now this is a skincare post I can handle reading (I suck at beauty/skincare - my horrid attempt at this post is going up tomorrow, if I don't accidentally "forget" it and delete it ....)

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  5. These science info graphics are great!

    YES YES YES!! Please do a science feature. I have a science section on my blog but don't post too often because, whilst I don't want to be a science blogger, I do sometimes want to talk about science! But I also don't want to scare people away. As a blogger who is a "normal" person (whatever normal is!) who happens to have an interest in science it can be hard to a) strike a balance and b) also find similar blogs/blogger. So, yup, I would greatly enjoy a Science Saturday feature. :D


  6. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Yer, Science Saturday would be great!