Saturday, January 25, 2014

Laura Bates

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I recently spoke of being unable to articulate how I feel about certain issues. One of these is the feminist movement and try as I might, I am still unable to put into words exactly how important I think it is. One person who I completely admire for her ability to do just this is Laura Bates. Laura founded the Everyday Sexism project which started off as a website inviting people to submit their stories of sexism that they have faced. The site was inundated with experiences and although I find this very sad, the silver lining is that Laura and others have now been able to use this platform to get the voices of women, in particular, heard and encourage discussion. Please take five minutes to read this interview with her on the Guardian website. It's an excellent and worthwhile use of your time, I promise. I wish more women had the confidence and ability to articulate these views, as perhaps then we have more of a chance of living in a society where such opinions are not seen as controversial in any way at all.

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  1. I've tweeted to Everyday Sexism- I was trolled by some creep within minutes! Will read this article tonight!

  2. I really like the everyday sexism project - for one it made me realise that I'm not alone in my experiences. I think this kind of thing is crucial to make feminism more attractive to women of our generation and help them identify as a feminist x

  3. We've been covering the topic of sexism in RE lessons recently - it's ridiculous how much of an issue it still is! Thanks for sharing this link, I'll definitely have a read and maybe find something to quote in my exam haha!
    lily x

  4. My dissertation was tightly related to the gender issue :)) I like this project too!