Tuesday, January 28, 2014

B and M's Kitchen Party // One

I mentioned here that last weekend would see the "first ever" B and M Kitchen Party. I also mentioned that if it was a success, I would share the evening with you. Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, it was a triumph and here we are! 

The basic premise for the evening was that we would cook a three-course meal together, listen to our favourite music and if the night led to sliding around on the kitchen tiles, then so be it. The TWIST however was as follows: M would pick the first two courses and buy the ingredients to cook them and I would have to shut my eyes and guess what each ingredient is by feeling it, and I would pick the dessert and M would have to guess what we were making by feeling the ingredients blind-folded. So kind of like Blind Date but for meal courses. So kind of nothing like Blind Date, but again this wasn't really our first ever kitchen party either so lets go wild and call things whatever we want for this blog post, okay? Cool! 

I don't have any pictures of the starter, but it was salmon and cream cheese blini. I didn't know what blini were until my "middle-class" man showed me, but yes they went down so well I didn't get a chance to shoot them. And do you know what? It took a wee bit of persuasion to convince M not to tuck into his main meal straight away so that I could get a shot of it for the blog. Did you hear that? You almost MISSED OUT on the opportunity to witness what can only be described as the best thing M has ever supervised the cooking of - THIS main meal.

Utterly divine, prosciutto-wrapped Philly and red pepper-stuffed chicken with home-made chips and the greenest of beans, accompanied by redcurrant jam. Would you take a look at that!

I mean corrrrr, look at it! And here's a close up of those chips because I know you're interested...

Sprinkled with the usuals and a dab of paprika. Mmmmm. 

I asked M whether he would like to do a guest-post on how he created this splendid meal, but he assures me that it is too easy for a recipe. "All you do is slice the chicken in half, spread Philly on each side, sprinkle some red pepper pieces on and wrap it up in ham." That's the chef verbatim guys.

In case you were wondering, my guessing of the ingredients wasn't too terrible. But as I didn't know what blini was and its packaging was plastic, I did think we were having salmon on ham. 

All washed down with what is known in some circles as the "king of drinks", before it was time to get cracking with my dessert before we fell asleep from fullness. 

The lovely gooey mess of a Smores Dip (melted Dairy Milk with baked marshmallows on top) with digestives for dipping.

Of course by the end, I threw shame out of the window and tucked in with a spoon. Waste not, want not! Whatever that means. But yes, this was a Pinterest half-disaster in that it tasted gooood but aesthetically this wasn't what we were going for marshmallows! 

Next time, I'm organising the starter and main course. I have an idea up my sleeve for the main, but would love your ideas for the starter! The more obscurely shaped the ingredients the better, for blindfold purposes you see. I invite you all to start calling your cooking dates "kitchen parties" and would love to see the results of any so let me know if you do host one :)

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  1. This looks like so much fun and that dessert looks AMAZING - why didn't I think of that before??! Yuuuuum!!
    N xo

  2. What a great idea - guessing the ingredients! That dessert looks soooo good! I'm glad you had a good night together, it sounds so much fun and looks bloody delicious x

  3. this is a really great idea - having fun together and the premise of like a date night but so much more relaxed and a completely different type of fun! i just wish i hadn't seen a picture of those chips though because i'm absolutely starving and they look incredible. and the same goes for that dessert, fair play for reigning it in with a spoon, i'd probably have dunked my whole face in it. x

  4. This all looks so delicious! Recently, I've been loving adding paprika to my food, it just has such a great flavor! I totally would've gone in with a spoon too on that dessert, no worries hehe :)

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  5. this is so cute and such a great idea with the surprise factor. You could make soup, but make him feel all the veggies before you turn them into soup so he gets really confused haha

  6. You are such a blooming babe, Bee. Look at your gorgeous face :)

    This sounds like such an awesome evening, I love cute nights at home with our guys, they are awesome!x

  7. I love the idea of making a dinner into a mini-party. We never make the effort to have three courses, maybe we should start that sometimes.

  8. This is such a sweet idea for a date night, I only need a boyfriend to go with it!