Friday, January 03, 2014

52 Lists // One

I find lists a necessary tool in refocussing when things all get a little bit too much. My to-do lists when I was studying my degree were never-ending but I loved the satisfaction of putting a firm line through a bullet point once I'd achieved something. When I was younger, I kept so many notebooks which I would write endless types of lists in: my favourite books, what I would do with lots of money, what I wanted to achieve, places I wanted to visit with my best friend, and so on and so forth.

When I saw that Ema from Made in Hunters is running a 52 Lists project this year, I jumped at the chance to get involved. Ema's blog is lovely and really encourages you think about what is important to you. I seem to be getting a lot of inspiration for posts from her as it was her blog I first spotted the Taking Stock series on too. So, one day a week for the rest of this year, I will be aiming to post a list in response to the topic Ema provides.

The project kicked off this week with Goals for the New Year. I could have listed tons of things I want to do this year, but the five above encompass a great deal of smaller aspirations too. Under doing my best, for example, comes the goals of getting the best grade I can in my exams this year, getting off to a good start in my job when that comes around, exercising commitment and skill in everything I do and not letting myself be brought down by things out of my control. To take another example, I hope to work towards achieving a sense of peace within myself by exploring places that I've been wanting to, figuring out what I'm all about through experiencing new things, and being selective with what I read.

As for point number 5, is anybody else thinking of travelling in the summer? Or have you made a trip in recent years which you would recommend? I would love to hear about your plans/trips for inspiration.

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  1. Love the image for this post! And a great, achievable list.
    #1 should be on everyone's list!

    Best wishes for 2014!

  2. Making lists is great, isn't it?! I came across 52 Lists as well and jumped at the chance. Re: new year goals, there is a danger of writing a list that doesn't leave you much wiggling room, but yours looks good! Oh I'm not sure how far you'd plan to go but a recommendation if you're going travelling; San Francisco. Probably one of, if not *the*, best place I have visited.

  3. I haven't actually been on a "summer" holiday for a while, ours tend to occur in winter or autumn - Edinburgh, Chicago, road tripping around Michigan have all featured in the last couple of years. I really want to explore more of Pennsylvania, but with saving for a house I'm not sure if we'll be having a holiday this year!

  4. i'd love to go away this summer, even if it was just a little city break somewhere!

    helen at