Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Round-up

Best shoes! (Source unknown)
This week I have been...

Reading: "The Hobbit" still...I'm not really loving it if I am honest. I read somewhere that you should never settle so I might not carry on reading this...unless you make a compelling argument to the contrary!
Also, this article on abortion by Caitlin Moran. I don't think anybody could know what they would do unless they experience the situation themselves, but I certainly disagree with it not being an option.
Eating: the most delicious Byron burger and Oreo milkshake EVER.
Drinking: mojitos to say bye to my BFF who is going travelling for the first half of this year :'(
Navigating: the streets and buses of London
Laughing: a lot more than usual
Wearing: shiny new brogues...ahhh is there anything better??!
Resting: for a large chunk of the week
Celebrating: health
Grateful to: Tori for sharing this post on her beautiful blog
Inspired by: this beautiful post by Tyler Knott Gregson.
Rushed for: time. See this previous post!

Tomorrow evening, I am going to see Bridget Christie for the second time and say goodbye properly to the aforementioned travelling best friend. I'm really looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time!! I guess over the next few months my studying will be receiving a LOT more attention until she is back...

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  1. that's the thing about The Hobbit books, or any Tolkien's books - i guess. i never can get settled into them. but the movies, however, are my favorites. all the time

  2. Yay for good health but big old boos for having to say goodbye to friends :(

  3. Oh YOU!! Thank you for including me on the list.

    I hope you have an amazing night tonight watching Bridget and that you get good goodbyes in with your friend! The time with zip around and, before you know it, your BFF will be back!

    So happy to read good health on the list, massive yay from me, and laughing - more of it, some, lots of it, a little -is always, always appreciated! Beautiful, inspirational post by TKG and Caitlin's is bookmarked for a day when I have the time (as I'm sure you'll understand!) to read it properly :)