Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Round-up (Links edition)

From here

- I like Sally's new series "Wonderful Wednesdays"
- Jessica is a very talented writer
- Charlotte's take on the world makes me happy
- This opened my eyes
- This made me think
- This made me cross
- This made me cry
- I enjoyed this review of a pay-per-hour cafe in London
- I enjoyed this depiction of modern reading
- This is brilliant

Click on all of them, I dare ya.

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  1. ha, bieber.
    and that cafe per view!!! i need that kind of place in where i live! dang it. that's so rad.

  2. Oh you pick them good, just followed a couple on bloglovin. I wish i saw this sunday morning so i could spend the day reading older posts x

  3. I read the post about the pay-per-hour cafe too! It sounds awesome. x

  4. YOU are brilliant

    Ellie | | x

  5. I love the title of your blog, that song gives is so bittersweet to me, it gives me great memories as well with a punchintheheart reminder of how hard somethings were to overcome.

    I love the post that made you cry - it made me cry too!

    Corinne x

  6. So glad I accepted your dare...did find myself ranting a little (who would you like to date? Pur-lease!) but discovered some great new blogs along the way. Thanks muchly.
    M x Life Outside London