Friday, January 24, 2014

52 Lists // Four

This was surprisingly harder than I thought it might be. When you're at home a lot I don't think you appreciate the things that home is. No doubt the second you're away for more than a day, all those definitions and quirks come flooding to you. I will be sure to make another list next time I am away from home so that I don't forget to enjoy what I know I will miss when I've left.

Tonight, M and I are having our first kitchen party. I say our's the first one we've labelled a "kitchen party". Just the two of us and hopefully very good food, although two courses are a surprise to me and one is a surprise to him so it could all very well go pear-shaped (but not literally because I'm still not adventurous enough to cook with pear). So not the first time we've done this at all. But it's being branded that way so let me enjoy the novelty. If it's a success I'll be sure to share the evening with you all soon. What are your weekend plans?


This is list #4 in the 52 Lists project, run by Ema over at Made in Hunters. Feel free to leave me your 52 Lists link below.

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  1. Fab list, there's nothing much that can compare to snuggling up at home with your favourite blanket and a hot water bottle. Mine's over here if you fancy a nose!
    M x

  2. I quite agree that this week's topic was hard. I think I take for granted a lot of things I would miss when I leave home. Just as an aside I love that your lists are handwritten and have little drawings. Gives the lists a bit of personality and makes then quite personal to you. Have a great night
    Kate xx

  3. Yeap home is always where the cats are!

  4. cats make me feel at home too! when i was at university i always ran around the cats wondering the streets in our area because i missed mine so much! loved getting back, a definite home thing! x

  5. A kitchen party sounds great! I hope it went well together x