Saturday, January 18, 2014

What makes you you?

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What makes you you? Is it the way you look to others, is it your heart, is it your intelligence? Is it your positive resolve, your limbs, your hormones? Could it be the colours and shapes your eyes see, the way you put one foot in front of the other, the compulsion to turn your head up towards the night sky? Is it your regal posture or the pace of your breath? The pulse in your wrist or your blushing cheeks? Your impulsiveness or apathy?

Is what makes you you your interest in others, your excitement for a road trip, the enjoyment you get from a book? Or could it be the feeling of sickness in the pit of your stomach when making a decision, the way your eyes leak when you're drained, your craving for security?

Do you listen to your tired eyes, the cuts on your heels, the way you bit your lip? The goosebumps on your skin, your fashion-conscious streak, the ache in your heart? Or how about the unease in your speech, your tingling hands or the bass line of your running rhythm. Ba dum, ba dum, ba dum. Do you pay your dues to the exhaustion of attempts, the giggles before bed or the safety of monotony? Are you more you when you're lively, more you when you're stroppy, or more you when you're quiet?

What makes you you when the team that is your body, mind and soul speak in different tongues?

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  1. This is so beautiful to me!
    XO, Miriam

  2. I love reading your thoughts, Bee. I think all of those things make you you. As humans we are so complex with all these different facets and attributes; no one thing can possibly define us. Well, unless you're Father Christmas with the naughty/nice lists!

  3. I just don't have the words (as ever) to respond in the way I want to, to your beautiful, wonderfully-splendid way with words, Beeta. Gosh. My gosh. (I'm finally emailing you as I type this comment, just so you know!!)


  4. Such an unanswerable question, thankyou for finding a way to ask it x

  5. This post fed my soul.

  6. I think the thing that makes "me" "me" (if that's a correct sentence structure), is that I'm an open book - that I have no hidden agenda. Btw - I love how nobody else answered your question.

  7. This is so perfect. Beautifully written and each word is so powerful. Thank you for such a thoughtful post - these are my favourites.
    Bella xx

  8. You and your words are perfect!

  9. You have to stop posting awesome things like this because I simply cannot include you in every single Wednesday Loves post! It would be very biased of me :P x

  10. Beautiful post Beeta!

  11. Anonymous3:39 pm

    What makes me me is that at any one time I am the only person who feels my feelings and thinks my thoughts. No one else experiences them exactly the way that I do. This makes me me and is something that we should all celebrate ourselves.

    Inspiring post
    LPC Girl